Welcome to Palmetto Online Marketing.  We specialize in giving you the edge in marketing your small businesses.  With over 25 years of real world small business marketing, sales and customer service experience, we are the best choice for all your marketing needs.

Whether you need help with your online presence and reputation management, or just need a quick informational pamphlet put together, we are here to help.

Over 90% of sales in today’s world are influenced in some way by the internet.  Large corporations rule a large portion of this domain.  However, small businesses have distinct advantages over their large competitors.  We inherently care about our customers and their needs, we know how to give them what they want, and we are right there with our customers in the field every day.  Large corporations spend millions of dollars hoping to train employees who may have no real interest or passion for their job to do the things we do everyday.  We just need to even the playing field a little bit through your marketing, and your business can be more successful than your ever thought possible.  That is where Palmetto Online Marketing comes in.

Most small business owners are working so hard they cannot think about where their business will come from more than a couple of weeks out.  But if you don’t take charge of your online presence, you are not treading water, in fact you may be drowning and not even know it.  If someone gives you a negative review on an internet site, even if it is false or made up by a competitor, and 90% of your customers are seeing it and talking about it what do you think will happen? What if you don’t respond in some manner?  Or if you don’t even know about it?  What would you do if your business dropped by half over the coming month?  Think it can’t happen?  Just look around.  Don’t wait for this to happen to you.

Marketing does require an investment, but it is an investment that pays for itself not only tomorrow, but for years into the future.  If you are a DIY kind of person, I will share some pointers with you on this website on how to do your own small business marketing.  And if you decide you don’t have the time or energy to learn all the nuances of marketing yourself let’s have a talk, and I will show you what is really possible.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  It can be scaled to grow as your business grows.  It won’t happen overnight, but with patience and hard work it will happen.

Give us a call at (864) 421-3402 and let’s get started.

Noel Patterson